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Wills & Probate

Wills & Probate

Wills and Probate are not things we like to give too much thought to while we are enjoying life. To avoid unnecessary stress at times of bereavement, critical illness or accidents, making an appointment to discuss your assets and wishes in the event of your death or mental incapacity, talk to the team at O’Donnell Breen-Walsh O’Donoghue, put your affairs in order and get on with enjoying life!


Consider the upset and stress you can unwittingly put on your loved ones when you die if you haven’t prepared a will:-

  • Your wishes may not be carried out
  • A rift may develop in the family when estranged relatives appear to claim their rights to your estate
  • Your business may fail resulting in loss of jobs for staff if it falls into the wrong hands

Making a will, whatever your age can alleviate all of the above. You will have control over your estate and what happens after you have gone. At O’Donnell Breen-Walsh O’Donoghue we can draw up your will to your wishes, giving advice and ensuring your instructions are followed in the event of your death.


If you have a loved one who passed away with or without leaving a will we can help guide you through the administration of estate procedure.

We do everything we can to make you feel at ease while achieving positive results with the least amount of stress at this difficult time.

If you want to get your affairs in order before it is too late talk to us at O’Donnell Breen-Walsh O’Donoghue, to arrange a consultation today, contact us and then get back to enjoying life!


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